Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule: Still kickin' it.

Remember that old running sketch on TV's In Living Color where the Jamaican family would compete with each other to see who worked the most ("What, you only got tree jobs, mon? You lazy!")? Well, head Mule Warren Haynes might just be part Islander, given his calendar-busting duties performing as a solo artist, with the Allman Brothers Band, the Dead and Gov't Mule. Perhaps it's not such a coincidence that the Mule's latest studio record, Mighty High, is a reggae album. Original members Haynes (vocals/guitar) and Matt Abts (drums) are joined by Danny Louis (keyboards/vocals) and Jorgen Carlsson (bass). Jam-band favorites, the Mule also freely explores its love of Southern rock and classic-rock covers (Sabbath's "War Pigs" in particular is thunderous) in its improvisation-filled shows. Live, the band adds a much-welcome harder edge that might rattle citizens of Bonnaroo Nation — who can always retire to the hemp-­jewelry stand or down a shot of wheatgrass when Haynes starts shredding.

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