Grammy Winner May Have Stolen Some Tires... But Probably Didn't

No, not that Little Joe. Not the one that, as far as we know, is playing Boondocks tonight and - Rocks Off doesn't mind telling you - is about to find himself nominated for a whole slew of Houston Press Music Awards thanks to his new LP Texas Fire Line. This Little Joe, aka Joe Hernandez, is the lead singer for Grammy-winning Tejano (and Willie's Picnic) mainstays Little Joe y la Familia. According to our sister blog Hair Balls, via the Temple Daily Telegram, Joe was arrested last week near Tyler after a hot check for $1,500 was written on his account to a tire store in Oklahoma. The would-be Hernandez's plot began to unravel after the owner of the tire store, who made several deliveries to a Dallas address she thought was Little Joe's, remarked on how nice she thought his father was. Unfortunately, said Little Joe's son Ivan, the senior Hernandez has been deceased for 20 years. Little Joe was out of jail in plenty of time to make the Familia's show this Friday at the Westerner in Victoria. Meanwhile, Willie D of the Geto Boys isn't so lucky. He's still behind bars, having a little trouble coming up with bond money.


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