Grandfather Child

Local music fans are all waiting intently for Grandfather Child to drop their self-titled debut on New West Records some time in early June, so this Big Star Bar gig is the best chance for you newbies to see what all the fuss from the cool kids will be about this summer. If you haven't already been baptized in the holy waters of Lucas Gorham and company, don't worry, you will be. "I like to think that when someone sees a Grandfather Child show, they are experiencing a church service devoid of religion," says Gorham. "No disrespect to religion." He describes the upcoming nine-track LP as "genre-bending" and hinted at tinges of gospel, punk and psychedelia, all while keeping the avant-garde slant that we have all grown to love. Already making the live rounds is "I Would Like to Thank the Universe/Planet Earth," which closes the first side of the album with a shot of interstellar Zappa weirdness. The year-long recording process for the debut was done mostly at Houston's SugarHill Studios, with sweetening help from engineer Steve Christensen along the way.


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