Growed-up Stuff

The grownups are coming, the grownups are coming. For those members of our reading audience who aren't all atitter over the metaphoric bloodletting offered by the Unsane and Biohazard bill at Numbers, there remain a host of fine in-town showcases featuring mature, adult sounds to which you may eagerly totter. With the incessant hype of the new regularly training its eye-beam on the young, our parents often find themselves feeling left out, wondering if there isn't some new music on which they can safely risk a few bucks. This week there's plenty.

Starting Thursday, when Jeff Buckley makes his first ever appearance in Houston at the Urban Art Bar (526-8588). Buckley's likely to draw a herd of curiosity seekers who remember the young man's father, the late Tim Buckley (apparently Timmy was a big deal at some point in my pre-history). I don't know Buckley the elder's work, so I can't say for sure whether or not comparison shopping is a good idea in this case, but you can make a safe bet on the show on the simple strength of Jeff's recent release of Grace (Columbia). The boy's got a passion in his throat that lives up to every superlative the press has thrown at him, even if his songwriting's still only good. Added bonus: when Buckley gets wound up, he does a bitchin' Robert Plant impersonation.

Fast forward to Friday when Greg Trooper makes a return trip to the Mucky Duck

(528-5999). Last time through, over a year ago, Trooper had his Everything CD for sale in the lobby, but it's only just now getting a domestic release. If that means more people hear it, good, 'cuz Trooper's New York folk rock is literate, well-crafted fare that takes on an added good humor in a small room. Go and yell for "Up to Me." Then sit down and listen politely like good children.

Upcoming Events

And if that's not enough, you've got perpetual songwriting underdog Marshall Crenshaw at Rockefeller's (869-8427) on the 1st, touring to support his sure to be lauded and ignored live disc ...My Truck is My Home (Razor and Tie Music). Or the eternally good-natured Loudon Wainwright III on the 3rd, at Rice U's Hamman Hall (524-6706) -- a field trip for Linda Lowe's Writer in the Round Series. I'd love to run into you at either, but I'll be tossing my panties at Michael Bolton.

-- Brad Tyer

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