H-Town Hangman: We Have a Winner

Betcha thought Rocks Off forgot about our new little guess-that-local-band contest, huh? Actually, we kind of did, so thanks to HTH founder and head noose-wielder Nicholas L. Hall for the reminder.

Anyways, after careful consideration - and thanks to so many of the Blaggards' loyal (and possibly tipsy) fans for storming our comments section - Rocks Off has decided on a winner. The person who came up with the best answer to Hall's question "What would you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?" is our man "Johnny," who had this to say:

"Last time there was a drunken sailor in the house it was my roommate's girlfriend's brother, and we drew all over him, shaved his head and sent ransom messages to his wife."

Excellent work, Johnny. (Are there pictures?) The T-shirt is all yours. Unfortunately, you forgot to leave your email address, so email chris.gray@houstonpress.com and we'll hook you up. Or, if any of you Blaggards fans know where/how to find this guy, let us know.

Stay tuned for another installment of H-Town Hangman later this week.


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