Hank III

Hank III: Frightening pets, small children, the elderly since 1999.

Hank Williams III's Straight to Hell, released in early 2006, is a two-disc set jam-packed with honky-tonk romps and hellbilly screamers; it's also the first major-label country record to hit shelves bearing a parental advisory label. For all intents and purposes, it's a thorough representation of Hank III's aesthetic: Like him or not, he never gives his listeners any reason to believe they're being shortchanged. And while it's nearly impossible to avoid comparisons between Hank III and his legendary grandfather, you can't imagine there being much resentment on the matter, since Gramps happens to have been arguably the most important songwriter to ever put tunes to tape. Thankfully, the younger Williams has the verve to back up his immaculate genes, and the chops to raise his own brand of hell.

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