Hank III

When you're Shelton Hank Williams III, everyone naturally expects you to be a musician. But just like Hank Sr. and Jr., Williams likes to do things a little differently. So, yes, Williams does play country music -- kinda. That's his Hank III and the Damn Band show (Joe Buck on stand-up bass, Andy Gibson on steel guitar, Adam McOwen on fiddle and Munash Sami on drums, with Hank, the "Head Hellbilly in Charge," on guitar and vocals). He also plays punk with Assjack (Gary Lindsey on co-vocals, Joe Buck on bass and Munash Sami on drums). The trick is that Assjack usually opens for Hank III, so every show is a double dose of Williams's over-the-top antics and his signature twang (he really does sound like Hank Sr.). Williams draws rockers, shit kickers, left-over hippies, grandmas who saw his famous grandfather perform and the occasional lost Garth Brooks fan. The dope-smoking, hard-drinking Williams admits that he spends most of his time on tour in a perpetual hangover. He'll have had a week off just before he hits Houston, but we're not sure if that means he's had a chance to sober up or tie one on. Either way, fans can expect him to play lots of songs from his new Hank III CD, Straight to Hell. Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies are also on the bill.


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