Happy 75th Birthday, Elvis, Wherever You Are

Remember that scene from

Pulp Fiction

where Mia Wallace explains to Vince Vega that there are two kinds of people in this world - Elvis people and Beatles people? Well, Rocks Off is an Elvis person. We're not a fanatic or anything, but we have been to Graceland, have a huge hole in our heart for the entire city of Memphis and, if forced to choose, would most definitely pick The King over the Fab Four any day. The King turns 75 today, and Rocks Off hopes he's enjoying his birthday in the warmth of his

Aspen cabin

, possibly popping a quaalude and relaxing by the fire. Rocks Off is celebrating by watching

Elvis: That's The Way It Is

, the best concert film ever made. (Keep your eyes peeled for Cary Grant!) You can celebrate with us by fixing yourself a peanut butter-bacon-banana sandwich and watching our some of our favorite Elvis videos below.


It's crawfish season, and what better way to build up a craving that with this clip for Elvis' last black-and-white movie,

Kid Creole

. Elvis felt his role, as a teenager who is forced to drop out of school to care for his father, was the best of his acting career, and much like the film was his first departure from cheesy roles like that in

Blue Hawaii

, this song marked a change for him too. The haunting wail, the beat - it's so


Elvis, and yet it is.

"The Lady Loves Me"

Let's face it, the hottest person in

Viva Las Vegas

is not Elvis, it's Ann-Margret. Dig the gratuitous ass shot around 2:09. Also, the dancing is boss. This is Rocks Off's favorite Elvis movie. Who the hell knows what it's about? Some kind of car race? It has the best dance sequences of his career.

"The Climb"

See? We know it's not an Elvis song, but it's an Elvis dance. Why don't we have parties like this nowadays? Also, they're dancing on a giant roulette wheel FFS!

"A Little Less Conversation"

It's amazing how little the remix actually changed of this song. Elvis is pretty suave here, considering he's basically telling Michele Carey to STFU.

"Jailhouse Rock"

The essence of cool.

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