Happy New Year: Rocks Off's Personal Resolutions for 2013

Recently Rocks Off challenged our writers to make a personal New Year's resolution as a music fan for 2013. These brave souls actually did.

Happy New Year: Rocks Off's Personal Resolutions for 2013

Alexa Crenshaw: I should build a solid record collection, and not just let the few albums I own remain in decoration collecting dust. I also should cut back on listening to my MP3s on shuffle.

Firstly, I haven't given some musicians much of a chance while madly skipping through high-volume downloads. I could blame this on the Internet, or maybe my impatience. I guess the latter could be a resolution in itself.

Corey Deiterman: As with every year, my resolution is to actually keep up with all the music releases that I want to hear. I never manage to do it, but with any luck maybe I can get close to keeping current with what's happening in the music world.

Happy New Year: Rocks Off's Personal Resolutions for 2013

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Cory Garcia: The problem: I want to do a better job championing the smaller acts I discover and like. It's easy to hit "like" on Facebook and call it a night, but I want more people to be excited about the good music that's out there just under the surface.

The solution: I'm going to start making more mix CDs and playlists for people. I've always and enjoyed putting them together, and if I can turn one person on to CHVRCHES or Brambles or La Sera, then I figure that's a good way to spend an evening.

Chris Gray: Find more music I do not actively dislike.

Altamese Osborne: I hope to see more female rappers get their due. Azealia Banks, here we come!

Shea Serrano: Nothing, really. Or, I guess I'd like to go to a few more concerts, but that's it.

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