He Said She Said: Songs That Make Us Feel Like a Natural Woman

He Said She Said: Songs That Make Us Feel Like a Natural Woman

Despite what Shania Twain may think, feelin' like a woman isn't always about going totally crazy in men's shirts and short skirts. The life of a modern woman is often more about balancing work and social obligations, maybe even with motherhood, while still trying to look good (if you even care about that) and savagely navigate this Man's Man's Man's Man's World. Being a woman - it's a life of dichotomies. Below, She Said's songs that make her feel like a woman. "I Am Woman," Helen Reddy

In the words of Tommy Gnosis, Eve ate the apple because "Eve just wanted to know shit." And we've been suffering for it ever since. This song is cheesy, yes, but it also became an anthem when a visibly pregnant Helen Reddy went on a whirlwind TV tour to promote the song.

"Just Like A Woman," Bob Dylan

Dylan has always had a way of writing wonderfully about women, either from their own perspective or from the perspective of an enamored man (see: "Visions of Johanna," and "If You See Her, Say Hello"). "Just Like a Woman" has been interpreted by lots of people in lots of different ways, with many saying it's a scathing take-down of a jilted lover. She Said doesn't see it that way. Thirty years before Britney Spears' "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman," Dylan is basically saying the same thing - that women are stuck in a kind of purgatory in terms of the behavior that's accepted from us.

"Oops (Oh My)" Tweet

She Said may have written about this song before but there's a reason She loves it. It's sexy as hell. And it's about a woman owning her sexuality. Umm, literally.

"Different Drum," The Stone Poneys

Linda Ronstadt doesn't want to be held down by some pesky boy who's trying to turn her into marriage material. She Said will still crank this shit any time it comes on the radio (although She has finally settled down). Also, how hot is Ronstadt in this video?

"In My Head," No Doubt

As much as She Said wants to


Gwen Stefani, she speaketh the truth in this song. For all the bravado She Said projects, there's still a lurking insecurity underneath. If we don't talk about it, it'll go away, right?

[Ed. Note: Always.]

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