He Said She Said: Songs To Help Us Get Through the School Day, Part 2

He Said She Said: Songs To Help Us Get Through the School Day, Part 2

He Said's partner in bloggotry, She Said, is currently enrolled in college. Lately she has been embroiled in school work, a topic which feeds ever so nicely into what we two do here at HSSS. We take events and emotions from our lives and slam them back out into the blogosphere for everyone else to gander and giggle at, all in the form of lists of music and commentary that sometimes gets hilariously personal. He Said's school experience ended in 2008, after he finished off some classes related to a legal degree. That life would have been a far cry from drinking cough syrup at KISS concerts and smoking cigarettes with Billy Bob Thornton. But that was the track He Said was on, and having a motivating girlfriend at the time had something to do with it. Girls love money and stability, and staying out till 4 a.m. with fellow writers and drinking with bands at their rehearsal spaces isn't conducive to happy domesticity. For He Said, school was always fun, especially high school. He Said didn't have a million friends, but we kept ourselves surrounded by a cast of alternately creative and batshit-crazy characters. We started high school as a ruthless football-playing jock, and in four short years magically turned into an amateur filmmaker and the director of the school's weekly television show. It was a fun ride, spoiling our potential scholarships and whatnot with whippets and weekends spent in pits at Fitzgerald's. The Who, "Baba O'Riley" In 2001, as part of the senior-year video we were working on, He Said used this song over footage of Pearland's elementary and junior-high schools. When we showed it the senior lock-in, people had little drops of tears in their eyes, or so we were told. He Said was in the corner making out with some chick, so he can't be sure.

Nada Surf, "Popular"

Even at the beginning of our school career in 1988, we could already tell that some people were mostly popular for almost no reason whatsoever. Pretty all they had going for them (most of the time) was either a hot mom or family money. That whole gimmick has only gotten worse as we have gotten older.

The Clash, "Police On My Back"

Whenever He Said would skip school, he would jam this track from


on the way out of the school's parking lot for that extra surge of anarchy and friendly terror. Most of the time we were just going to Jack In The Box and then taking a nap at home.

The Buzzcocks, "Ever Fallen In Love..."

Oh, didn't this happen every single week in almost every grade of our school lives, even up to college times. The worst part was falling for some girl and then meeting her boyfriend the next week. In college, things got hairier since people were married.

Green Day, "Waiting"

All we ever did in school was wait. Wait for the bell. Wait for the teacher. Wait for others to finish. Wait for the bus. Wait for lunch. When you finish school you stop waiting, and then you end up waiting on yourself to get your shit together.

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