Hellogoodbye's Bad Grammar

Sure Hellogoodbye is cute as can be, but their punctuation sucks.

Dear whatsyourname —

I wonder whyyou find it necessary torun all the wordsinyourname together? Is Hellogoodbye really all that muchcooler than Hello Goodbye? It makesitvery hard to read yourname. And yourfriends Alexisonfire, is that Alex Is On Fire? Or Alexis On Fire? See that'sreal messedup. We don't evenknow whoisburning, Alex or Alexis.

Butbacktoyou, youhaveHello, and thenyouhave Goodbye. Why didyou smush themtogether? My friend saysthat youare probablydyslexic and thatnobodyhas toldyouyourname is allsquashed together, soyou don't even know. So here, I'lltellyou. Your. Name. Is. All. Squashed. Together. It. Should. Be. Hello. Space. Goodbye. The. End. Two. Words. One. Idea. We. Get. It. Really.



Thankyouverymuch for readingmyletter,

A non-dyslexic fan

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