Here Comes the Black

Austin roots-rockers the Black, whose frontman David Longoria is a satellite member of ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - he plays keyboards from time to time; ...ToD singer Conrad Keely sometimes returns the favor by sitting in on viola with the Black - and whose shows often feel like walking in on a lost session from The Basement Tapes or Blood on the Tracks, pull into the Continental Club tonight. Either their 2005 CD, Tanglewood, or last year's vinyl-only Donna EP will choogle you all the way around the block.

It's the first stop on their four-day "East Texas Tour" that brings them to the Stardust Room in Huntsville tomorrow, the Balinese in Galveston Friday and wraps up at the Revolution Cafe and Bar in Bryan Saturday. I don't know why more bands don't try this - throw in a stop at La Porte's the Landing (formerly the Forum) and somewhere off 1960, or maybe in Sugar Land, and they could make a whole week out of it.

Doors open at 8; Sasquatch & the Sickabillys are also playing. Here's the Black bringing it all back home at a bar in Indianapolis, courtesy of their MySpace page:


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