H.I.S.D. (HUEston Independent Spit District) is an anomaly among local hip-­hoppers: They don't chop or screw ­anything. Formed out of a love for the jazz- and soul-infused, conscious hip-hop à la De La Soul and Little Brother, H.I.S.D. leaves the dragging flows and heavy beats behind on their latest release, The District. Production duo GoldenSoulClassics shines with plenty of looped jazz horns, soul vocals, smooth pianos and laid-back beats under socially conscious poetry questioning the current nature of hip-hop, black culture and society. The District not only helps H.I.S.D. join the ranks of other locals looking to refresh the Houston hip-hop sound but helps the group claim a seat at the head of the class with one of the best examples of how such a feat might be accomplished.

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