Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Dirt Don't Hurt

Britain's Holly Golightly and her Brokeoffs get "high for Jesus" on this latest bang-and-clang collection of almost-Americana. With percussion that sounds like it was played with kitchen utensils on pots, pans and pieces of scrap iron, Dirt is another sadistically delicious collection that shows new directions for a genre that has become increasingly stale and inward-looking. The spaced-out hillbilly echo chamber vibe of "Up Off the Floor" finds Golightly sounding like Mother Maybelle Carter with a downer problem, and "My 45" channels "Jackson" couple Johnny and June Carter Cash with firearms in their hands and murder on their minds. Likewise, "Burn Your Fun" and "Three Times Under" sound like some bad-­attitude ­electric-Kool-Aid backwoodsmen gathered around a whiskey still waiting to ambush some revenuers. But the centerpiece is rousing barn-burner "Gettin' High For Jesus," where Golightly shines a bright light on hypocrisy and self-­righteousness with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, living up to her mile-long punk pedigree with gleeful abandon. Hillbilly music for the methadone clinic, Dirt Don't Hurt don't do nothin' but add to Golightly's reputation as an artist out there at the cutting edge.


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