Hollywood F.L.O.S.S.'s Xperiment: Build Your Own Mixtape

Recently, Hollywood F.L.O.S.S., or as we've unofficially taken to calling him, The 135-Pound Smile, set to work on promoting Xperiment 2, a hybrid mixtape/self-marketing ploy.

Rather than simply sending out a completed mixtape to various media outlets, he sent out a sort of informal challenge. It was fairly simple. To paraphrase for ease, it was something like this:

In your inbox sit 23 tracks I recorded over a three-day-period. I understand that I can not reasonably expect to please all people, so I leave it to you to select the ten tracks that you feel are the best and present them to your readers as my new mixtape. I will not argue, nor will I complain. Two rules only: Please, select no more than 10 songs; you can select fewer if you like, but do not select more. And please use "Get Up" as the very first song.

Now, if you saw the email and thought, "What? I'm not doing this shit. I've got enough work to do, I don't have time do yours too, F.L.O.S.S.." then that was the end of that. Likely, more than a few people did just that.

However, if you felt compelled to give it a try, this little clever bit of advertising served two purposes, the second of which might have been brilliant as well completely accidental.

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First, this process almost completely nullifies criticism. Since you're allowed to pick the tracks you like to comprise the tape, you very well can't complain about not liking any of the songs when it's done. You can't go shopping for a car, pick the one you want, then go home and be like, "Man, this car sucks." We mean, you could, but not without being an asshole.

Second, it engages you to the point where there is a sense of self-investment involved where there might otherwise be none, and that forces you to take constructing it seriously. That means you're going to want it to be good. And maybe that makes you say it's better than it might actually be.

It's like, if you play just an ol' album for people and some of them say it sucks, who cares? You didn't make it. You just played it. Fuck, man, people call our brother ugly all the time, but what do we care? We didn't make him, we just introduced him to everyone. Besides, he is ugly. Everyone can see that.

But if you feel like you helped created something, you're a tad more apt to defend its quality. It's like if your baby is ugly instead of your brother. Nobody ever says, "Here's my baby, ain't it an ugly piece of shit?" Not even when it's the truth. No joke, when one of our boys came out of the womb, he looked like he'd just gotten off work as an extra on the set of The Hills Have Eyes. Still, we defended his perfection fiercely until his head grew into a more human-like shape.

That's what F.L.O.S.S. did here. He got you pregnant with his baby - his toothsome, skinny jeans-wearing musical baby.

So we listened through all of the tracks several times and comprised the definitive Xperiment 2 tracklist. If it differs from your version, that's because your baby is ugly and you're stupid.

Note: We selected eight tracks in total. Many of the others had potential, but on account of the short timeframe F.L.O.S.S. worked in, felt like they weren't allowed to grow into what they could've been.

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