Honky Tonk Blood Premiere

Everybody knows the music business is a little shady, but at Falstaff Records, it's downright murder. That's the premise behind Honky Tonk Blood, the new comedy-noir-thriller-spaghetti western written by Houston music hombres Johnny Falstaff and the Southern Backtones' Hank Schyma. Almost five years in the making, Blood was filmed in the heart of the Bayou City's seedy bohemia (Proletariat, La Carafe, Numbers, Dean's) and features a laundry list of local musicians both in the cast and on the soundtrack — members of Sideshow Tramps, Two Star Symphony, Pale, the John Evans Band (namely Evans) and, of course, the authors themselves. Expect a who's who of the AvantGarden crowd at the film's Houston premiere Thursday, and an afterparty that goes into the wee hours. Let's just hope everyone makes it out alive...


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