Honor Society

The four good-looking lads in Honor Society could be the New Kids on the Block for the millennial generation. The quartet brings its vibrant R&B-infused pop to House of Blues Thursday as part of the "Here Comes Trouble" tour. Truth be told, Honor Society's ties to boy bands run pretty deep — drummer Alex Noyes used to pound skins for the Jonas Brothers before jumping behind HS's rims back in 2006. The quartet also gained notoriety by serving as the JoBros' opening act during their 2009 world tour. Honor Society's tunes host a lot of heartfelt, diary-entry verses and confectionary pop hooks, but the band also mixes in enough Saves the Day-style guitar power-pop and danceable soul of the Michael Jackson ilk to keep parents (or older siblings) accompanying interested tweens. A shimmering cover of the Cars' 1984 hit "Magic" completes a multigenerational delight to unite fans of all ages.


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