Houston Music Festival

Two of the many things that bring people from all over the world to New Orleans year after year are Mardi Gras and the Essence Music Festival. If it can work there, it can work here, right? Since Galveston already has the former covered with its version of Fat Tuesday, some folks have decided to try to match the latter with the Houston Music Festival. While the lineup of artists performing at this possibly annual concert is nowhere near as eclectic as the Essence Fest (hey, where are the Roots, man?), it's an all-star marathon nonetheless. There's Nelly and Ashanti for the kids; the Isley Brothers, the O'Jays, the Gap Band, Maze & Frankie Beverly and Teena Marie for the old-school folk; and Scarface for those who don't give a fuck about the rest. Hey, maybe this festival will be a hit after all.


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