Houston Press Artopia

Along with the usual food, art and beautiful people carousing at Houston Press's Artopia, we always manage to rustle up a great musical lineup. This year we have Folk Family Revival [see "The Family Way," page 37], Young Mammals, Dave Wrangler, Finnegan [see Chatter, page 40] and DJ Kyle Berg on deck for your aural pleasure. Things are getting exciting in the Mammals camp, as the band is currently in the pre-production stages for their follow-up to 2009's well-received Carrots with current it-producer Steve Christensen at the helm. DJ Wrangler will be sound-tracking an avant-garde audiovisual display downstairs at Winter Street that is supposed to be a trippy Ghostland Observatory-style feast for the eyes. And Berg will be throwing down the mixes and tracks that make him one of the most beloved party DJs in town. If there is one thing you can expect from Artopia, it's something to stimulate your frontal lobe, and this year is no exception.


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