Houston Sounds Off on Michael's Memorial

L.A. Weekly's Twitter updates have slowed down, but there's plenty of Houstonians following along. Here's a selection from the past 30 minutes or so: cashless: "Blanket, FTW!" joeyguerra: ""we need to look up, where he is undoubtedly perched on a crescent moon, and we need to smile." - brooke shields" Htwngirl: "Damn you Brooke soooo heartwarmingly sad. I am fighting the tears and it's bug the shit out of htwngirl day at work. ugh!!" Htwngirl: "Wow how Jermaine can sing. OMG holding in the tears here." LetyRoxtar: "that was soooo good *sniffle*" LetyRoxtar: "omg Sheila Jackson Lee.... srsly?!?! joeyguerra: "senate calls mj a legend, an icon. thanks, sjl. we needed that." cashless: "Ummm... Sheila Jackson Lee came to our house and gave my mom one of those a couple years ago. true story. means nada...." BreakfastOnTour: "Usher continues the trend of wearing aviators indoors" TheAkireGroup: "Usher must really want ppl to cry" VERSECITY: "If only We could put together Usher / Justin Timberlake / Chris Brown / Jonas Brothers / & Versecity...(haha) ... We Might have another MJ" JustCallMeBean: "this concert and funeral shit creeps me out."


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