Houston Women's Festival

Patrice Pike is set to rock the 12th annual Houston Women's Festival.

No, this isn't just an estrogen fest -- the Athena Art Project-sponsored Houston Women's Festival is actually about great music. Great music by women like Patrice Pike, of Rock Star: Supernova fame. Before she was on TV, Pike was down the road in Austin, fronting the band Sister Seven. The group went from a jam band to a Billboard darling, toured the US and Europe, and put out six CDs before Pike went solo. Audiences can expect Pike to sing lots of tunes from her newest release, Unraveling, a bright collection of upbeat rock tunes. Erika Luckett, who was born in Mexico and then lived in Venezuela, Brazil and France, will be bringing her sensual international sound to the festival. Other performers include Ginger Leigh, The Ginn Sisters and Garrison Starr.

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