Just when you thought the suffix "palooza" had been more overexposed than Gwen Stefani's navel, here comes what organizers hope will be an inaugural Houston event. Nevertheless, the showcase for a number of local Buzz-friendly bands is certainly something that should happen with more than annual frequency. Jive Records' Bowling for Soup headlines the all-day concert, which also includes sets from Next to Nothing, 24 Count, Simpleton, the Colour Clear (the band formerly known as Fail), Mondoz, Marzi, Downfall, the John Sparrow, Overshot and G.P.R. (fronted by Buzz DJ the Whipping Boy). In addition, organizers promise climbing walls, Velcro walls and maybe, just maybe (it's listed as "tentative"), tattoo booths and bungee jumping. Ohmagawd! Surely there must be room for a guy selling hemp bracelets. There's also a bikini contest and -- ominously -- an as-yet-undetermined "something for the ladies." How all this fun and frivolity will be crammed into Garden in the Heights will undoubtedly be of interest to the Army Corps of Engineers.


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