How to Be Musically Hip

Gratuitous Nudity

Pitchfork now posting naked photos of indie-rock stars for some reason.

Another reason not to look forward to the new LCD Soundsystem.


Cred Sheet

Transcendent Concert Experience

Explosions in the Sky's quite beautiful but rather sleepy gig at the Society for Ethical Culture.

Thank God there were pews.

Imminent Medical Calamity

The woefully poor posture of the one EITS guitarist dude.

You're gonna wind up like that chick in the attic in Pet Sematary, dawg.

Regrettable Social Malady

Saying "dawg" a lot.

Unfortunate side effect of American Idol exposure.

Album of the Year This Week

Good Lord Almighty, this Pretty Ricky record.

Someone took Dave Chappelle's "Piss on U" just a little too seriously.

Blog Dalliance

Matsuli Music ( posts a bootleg of James Brown's "Rumble in the Jungle"-affiliated 1974 gig in Zaire.

Boy, they sure do love "Sex Machine."

TV Party

Mentally composing a parody version of the Pierces' "Boring" to reflect your rising disgust with Lost.

Bullshit "mysteries." More Jack whining. Too much Charlie. Boring.


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