HPMA Aftermath: It's Not Over Yet

Hope you enjoyed all our coverage of Sunday's music award showcase; it takes seven reviewers to even provide an inkling of how hectic and exciting the afternoon was, and we probably could have even used a couple more. I kept thinking, 'Wow, this is going by fast" and even now I'm still processing how I managed to see as much music as I did in such a short time.

Now comes part two: Tomorrow night's actual award ceremony at Warehouse Live. The votes are all in, counted and verified, and the custom-made trophies by metal sculptor Mik Miano (check out his work outside Rudyard's and the Next Door) are sitting in a box here at the paper, waiting to be handed out. Just like at the Rice, the Press will be live-blogging the ceremony, and we'll post a list of winners as soon as it's over. Then we're going to take a nice long nap. - Chris Gray


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