HPMA Showcase Preview: Videos from Indian Jewelry, Buxton, the Wiggins, Sideshow Tramps, Karina Nistal and Blaggards

Thought I'd throw up a few videos from this year's crop of HPMA showcasers. More tomorrow. Don't forget to buy tickets here. See you Sunday! - Chris Gray

Indian Jewelry, "Swans" live in NYC:

Buxton, "Westward" at this year's Westheimer Street Fest:

The Wiggins, live at River Oaks theater in May:

Sideshow Tramps, "Lady Vodka," also from the Westheimer Street Fest:

Karina Nistal, performing "Juventud" at Camp Eggers, near Kabul, Afghanistan:

Blaggards playing Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar" at Fado Irish Pub in Austin:

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