HPMA Showcase Spotlight: DJ Ipodammo, "Progressive, Weird, Contemporary, Sound Archeology"

In the weeks leading up to the Houston Press Music Awards showcase on Sunday, August 4, Rocks Off will be profiling a handful of performers each day, mostly in their own words - part of the best top-to-bottum lineup the showcase has ever had, in our humble opinion. See the showcase schedule and ticket information at HPMusicAwards.com, and watch Twitter (@hprocksoff) every day until the showcase for your chance to win tickets.

HPMA Showcase Spotlight: DJ Ipodammo, "Progressive, Weird, Contemporary, Sound Archeology"

What are you nominated for? Hi, DJ Ipodammo here. Best Rap DJ.

Please list all of your regular band members and what instruments they play. Sound Selector/DJ/Controller: Ipodammo.

Describe yourself or your band in four to seven words. Progressive, Weird, Contemporary, Sound Archeology.

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Who is your single biggest musical influence and why? That I know of so far; Pharrell Williams. This individual worked with a few of my potential contemporary names; Snoop Dogg and Kanye West. As well as artists who have influenced, innovated and cultivated current sounds; Sade and Madonna.

Even across different areas of life: fashion, film, music, publishing. He still ain't got sh!t on Ghostface Killah.

What recordings do you have readily available? All recordings (75+) at ipodammo.com.

Have you ever been HPMA-nominated before? When and what for? Two years preceding, for Best Rap DJ.

HPMA Showcase Spotlight: DJ Ipodammo, "Progressive, Weird, Contemporary, Sound Archeology"

Where and how often do you perform (publicly) around Houston? At very minimum of five to six times a month. Performances range from events, corporate retail issues, onstage with other HPMA Nominees (Fat Tony, Doughbeezy, Killa Kyleon, Uzoy, Roosh Williams), maybe even Surfing a Sriracha Tsunami on a Gucci X10 Deep Surf Deck.

What is the next step for you? Stage show. Expansion into media, colleges and furthering in the Retail DJ. Oh, and production.

Finish this sentence: "Houston music is..." Historic. I'm excited to contribute, serve and cultivate this wave of our era and those to come.

DJ Ipodammo's HPMA showcase spot is 5 p.m. Sunday, August 4 at House of Blues' Bronze Peacock Room, 1204 Caroline. See more about him at ipodammo.com or Twitter @ipodammo.

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House of Blues-- Bronze Peacock Room

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