HPMA Showcase: Win 2 Nights At South Shore Harbour

HPMA Showcase: Win 2 Nights At South Shore Harbour

Now that the 2011 Houston Press Music Awards ballot is up and running, Rocks Off would like to offer you a little more incentive to attend the HPMA showcase on Saturday, November 12. Head over to the showcase's Facebook page, click "I'm attending" and you will be automatically eligible to win a two-night stay at South Shore Harbour in League City, that you have to use before Halloween. Rocks Off had our prom - or some high-school function - there a long time ago, and it's very nice.

But besides clicking that you're attending on Facebook, Rocks Off encourages you to actually attend the showcase as well; tickets are $10 and available at HPMusicAwards.com. The winner of the South Shore stay, which also includes a breakfast buffet for two, will be chosen Friday, so don't mess around.

If you haven't voted yet today, go ahead and do it on our HPMA poll page.

Here's the link to the showcase page/contest:

Houston Press Music Awards Facebook page

Follow Rocks Off on Facebook and on Twitter at @HPRocksOff.

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