Hunx & His Punx

This coed Oakland, California, garage-pop band is like a trashy, albeit imaginary, John Waters movie come to life, if the king of the campily grotesque decided to try his hand at teen flicks. Sassy lead singer Seth "Hunx" Bogart sings about cruising, crushing and carousing with the help of a three-piece all-girl band while wearing pantyhose over stripper panties. It's fun stuff, especially when the girls chime in with those demented doo-wop vocals behind their broken-hearted leader. Bogart released his first solo disc, Hairdresser Blues, in late February, showing off his more romantic, gooey side away from his party-hard work with the Punx. Leadoff cut "Your Love Is Here to Stay" is a heart-melter, and the title track lets him show off a fun and strange Nick Cave-like character in his voice. From the sounds of closing track "When You're Gone," Bogart definitely could have a sideline as a slithery folk balladeer if the mood strikes him in the future.


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