I See Hawks in L.A.

Perennial L.A. favorites I See Hawks are just beginning to penetrate Texas. Their pre-SXSW Wednesday-night gig at the Continental Club so impressed the staff, they immediately booked the band again for a Friday-night slot. With three strong writers in the band -- singer Rob Waller is a creative-writing prof at USC, guitarist Paul Lacques is a playwright and comic strip creator, and bassist Paul Marshall has been writing and performing since he was lead singer of the psychedelic "Incense and Peppermint" hitmakers Strawberry Alarm Clock in 1969 -- the Hawks' material can range from the poignant "She Was Raised by Hippies" to the rocking "Motorcycle Momma." In between come all kinds of whacked-out alt-country weirdness such as "Slash from Guns N' Roses" and great marijuana anthems such as "Barrier Reef" and "Humboldt," and the whole enchilada comes with a friendly Burrito Brothers/Gram Parsons patina.


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