Ian Moore

Known as a guitar virtuoso since his teenage years, Austin native and current Seattle resident Ian Moore elicited a collective double-take about a decade ago by doing the unthinkable — shelving the six-string heroics and heading in a rootsier, more singer-songwriter direction, while finding unconventional ways to present his work. How often does a critically acclaimed artist perform in yoga studios? "You've got to see where you can go and switch stuff up," says Moore. "For me, that's really the joy of it all." His sixth CD, 2007's To Be Loved, renders intricately crafted songs that, in addition to the perfunctory guitars, keyboards and drums, utilize trumpet, vibraphone and musical saw. Sung in Moore's impassioned voice, the lyrics can both excite and incense: In the upbeat "House up on the Hill," he taunts, "We won't be fooled again, it's time to shed your skin, we both will get what we deserve." On the title track, his guitar growls as he baits, "Wouldn't you love to be loved by someone else? You know you think about it, I know you think about it." Moore captures his audience with his strength and vulnerability, all the while pushing the boundaries between pop, rock and soul.


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