What? You mean there is a new band in 2011 that isn't some third-rate indie-dance troupe who should be doing Vampire Weekend covers at a wing place near an airport? And their name is the appropriately forbidding and expansive iceage? We're sold on these Danish punks like woah, and supporting them on this first-ever Houston date are the well-established Balaclavas and The Energy, two bands whose inclusion on this bill should be enough of an endorsement for local fans. The lowercase-rocking Danes sport galloping Oi! drums, first-wave goth vocals and a near-thrash cruising speed. Most people are reminded of proto-Joy Division group Warsaw, and we agree completely. Early last year iceage got Maximumrocknroll's seal of approval, and new LP New Brigade shows the crew — just now emerging from their teens — as a band to watch for years to come. Now let's see what they could possibly morph into next.


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