ICP Orchestra

Settle down, Juggalos. There won't be any Faygo at this Nameless Sound event. Here ICP stands for Instant Composer's Pool, one of the most respected contemporary jazz ensembles in Europe. Founded in 1967 by diametrical opposites Han Bennink (the drummer and "physical humorist," according to the press release) and Misha Mengelberg (pianist and "straight man"), the Dutch-based ICP transitions effortlessly between Duke Ellington-esque swing, delicate ballads and long passages of avant-garde improvisation with a generous side of humor. "Jazz organizations that last this long don't typically convey as much intellectual curiosity, stylistic reach and technical daring as the band did in every piece on its first set," writes Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune. "Each of the evening's many miniatures, in fact, bristled with strange and provocative juxtapositions of style and musical language."


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