Idol Beat: The Final 36, Group 3 Results

In honor of Randy "That Was Hot!" Jackson, startlingly homely American Idol Season 6 auditionee Jennifer "The Hotness" Chapton, and rapidly shrinking boomer-rawk mag Rolling Stone - which boasts a "Hot List" annually - today's edition of Idol Beat comes at you from a "Hot" perspective. HOT 'DO Von Smith's ludicrous, gravity-defying, Ed Grimley uplick last night. Was that a minor miracle of cosmologic science, the product of a liter or mousse, or, in my wife's words, Von's attempt to make himself look like "a duck's ass"? HOT GROUP 3 VICTORS Lil Rounds (natch), Jorge Nunez (whaaa?) and Scott MacIntyre, who made through on sympathetic "he's blind" votes; his "Mandolin Rain" performance Tuesday was unforgivably shakey. Last night's reprise, though? A heck of a lot better, probably because the pressure was off.


Randy's black-rimmed, bloodd-tinted specs, which matched his zippered shirt adorned with sequins arranged in the shape of two guitars. I bet he's all over this new U2 album. HOT WILD CARD CONTESTANTS Tatiana Del Toro: because out-and-out nutjobs are in short supply at this point. Von Smith: because comic relief is in short supply at this point. Jesse Langseth: just in case you didn't have an excuse to hiss at your TV screen. Megan Joy Corkrey: to demonstrate, again, that arm tattoos and baby-doll dresses don't mix - like, at all. Anoop: because he totally deserves it. Also: Matt Giraud, Rickey Braddy, Jasmine Murray. Lord help us. HOT SANJAYA BOOK QUOTE ...after the break! I kid. It'll appear at the end of tomorrow's Wild Card episode post.

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