Incubus, Linkin Park

Linkin Park and Incubus, two of the titans of modern-rock radio in the early '00s, join forces for this Honda-sponsored tour, coming around these parts just as the long, hot summer begins to wind down and school starts up again. Just last summer, Incubus released one of the best albums of their career — no fooling — in If Not Now, When?, and have already been through town behind it once. In the past decade, they have subtly shifted from the punk-funk stuff and begun experimenting with stranger sonic textures most of their peers have not been able to unravel, starting with 2001's Morning View. As always, lead singer Brandon Boyd's frequently shirtless stage persona is a selling point. Come for Incubus hits like "Drive" and "Stellar" and stay for the cover of Lionel Richie's "Hello," which has been popping up on summer set lists.


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