Indigo Girls

After the Indigo Girls left Hollywood Records (and the major-label game altogether) last year, the duo channeled their feelings toward recent events regarding the legality (or not) of same-sex marriage into new album Poseidon and The Bitter Bug. "Fighting for the Love of My Life" points an accusatory finger at the results of California's passing of Proposition 8, while also celebrating "the new revolution" that has brought so much positive change for gay men and women around the country. More generally, the R&B-ish "Digging for Your Dream" encourages listeners to fight incessantly for what they believe in. Poseidon contains two distinctively different versions of each tune on the set, and isn't strictly about the Girls' outspoken activism. Several songs talk about love from the perspective of someone who has been there but still believes in the workings of the heart; try the gentle "True Romantic" or beautifully written "Fleet of Hope." Both Amy Ray and Emily Saliers's voices sound almost unchanged — though Saliers's has become a little rougher — and their harmonies are as good as ever.


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