Iron Maiden

The summer of 2012 has been good to Houston metal maniacs. Acts like Slayer, Anthrax and Germany's fire-happy, leather-clad Rammstein have lit Bayou City venues ablaze, so Iron Maiden should be a worthy final salvo to what has been a stellar season. The blokes from London may be a New Wave of British Heavy Metal legacy now, catering to two or three generations of families at a time, but make no mistake: This isn't some fogey act. Even though grandpa, dad and grandson will all be in matching "Number of the Beast" tees, Maiden still packs an over-the-top power-metal punch live. Culled from nearly 40 years of material, all your favorites are on this summer's set list, and faithful mascot "Eddie" still has a few tricks up his radial bone.


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