Is The Woodlands Getting a Minor-League Baseball Team?

Is The Woodlands Getting a Minor-League Baseball Team?

Well, not that Rocks Off knows of - although, really, what are you people waiting for up there? - but according to our colleagues at, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson will throw a few high and outside at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion August 2, with tickets going on sale via Ticketmaster May 30. Rocks Off suspects he would have found out about this sooner if he signed up for the same RSS feed - which also alerts fans to Dylan's every sneeze, fart and lyrical rewrite - he suspects his 29-95 pal has. But all's fair in love and theft, and this happy bit of news means Houstonians no longer have to drive to Corpus to see what, as long as the sound is decent and Dylan doesn't have one of his "ACL '07" moments, will probably be one of the shows of the summer. Although, if you live south of Loop 610, it is about the same distance to The Woodlands as Corpus. Just saying.  

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