Jack Freeman Lensing "Lynnie's World" At Big Star Tonight

Last October, Jack Freeman, perhaps Houston's most preternatural R&B singer, released Dark Liquor, his debut EP that eventually registered as one of the most auspicious bits of music the city saw in 2010.

Since then, he's been busy. He recorded a gorgeous rap/R&B hybrid with Killa Kyleon called "Make Me," a video for the track he did last year with Propain, and handfuls more. And now he's begun releasing music from his forthcoming proper LP, Lynnie Free's Juke Joint.

Jack Freeman Lensing "Lynnie's World" At Big Star Tonight

The first single is "Lynnie's World," a wash of brass and funk that features a tunnelized cameo by the meanest of the Niceguys and eventually rolls itself up into a broad didactic danceism. It is considerably more complicated than just about anything that showed up on Dark Liquor, an oblique inclination that Freeman's souped-up brain is capable of the type of forward thinking that could earn him a spot on a national music registrar that has seen an influx of young R&Bers.

Today, Freeman will record the video for "Lynnie's World" at Big Star Bar (1005 W. 19th). You can go if you like; it's an open shoot. But know that if you want to participate, you will have to be dressed up to snuff. Buckles on your shoes are not necessary, but they certainly won't hurt your cause.

Download "Lynnie's World" for free on Freeman's Bandcamp page.

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