Jamie Foxx

Don't "Blame It" on Jamie Foxx.

So, how many of you Houstonians were offended when Jamie Foxx didn't plug his upcoming show in Houston at the BET Awards a couple of Sundays ago? (A better question might be how many of you Houstonians were offended by the BET Awards, period?) He announced his July 4 weekend Las Vegas dates practically every time he was on camera. What's the matter, Jamie? You don't think we can throw down like they do in Sin City? This is Screwston, baby! We'll have you waking up the next day, regretful and disoriented just like those dudes in The Hangover! Now that's he's done with his Vegas shows and he'll be in town this week to sing "Blame It" and whatever the hell else he wants to from that Intuition album of his, it's up to us to have him leaving this place going, "What the hell happened...and where are my drawers?" Let's turn Ugly Wanda's ass out, people!

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