We can perhaps say with somewhat ironclad certainty that folk-funk-electro-experimental artist Jandek's legacy will be debated by curious music fans and students of all things avant-garde for eons to come. With every blog, article or harried message-board missive written about the man from Corwood Industries (whatever that is), his outsider mystique only continues to grow. Even people who aren't fans — or at least just haven't heard something that has converted them yet — can tell you that the tale of the Houston recluse is better than anything Hollywood could write. In the past few years, he's stretched his sea legs in town, playing the Menil, Big Star Bar, Rudyard's and now Mango's, opening himself up to fellow musicians young and old with whom he deems worthy of sharing a word or chord. Or maybe he just thirsts for a challenge. In a world where most musicians are in the business of selling their own master-planned brands and carefully placed pop-culture footprints, Jandek is a breath of rarefied air. He doesn't work at being himself, he just is.


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