Jandek, MV + EE

The last thing anyone who piled into Rudyard's upstairs Palm Sunday afternoon for the first-ever publicly advertised Houston performance by local "outsider musician" Jandek expected was nearly an hour and a half of thick-as-a-brick jazz-funk that sounded like Frank Zappa, Primus's Les Claypool and James Brown drummer Clyde Stubblefield going for broke. After catching their breath, the second-to-last thing anyone who was there expected was that Jandek would play another public gig in town so soon. This time he's paired with New England duo MV + EE, whose range of ghostly rural acoustic folk to crunchy feedback jams may be more what those people at Rudyard's originally had in mind. This, in turn, probably means that whatever the three come up with Sunday will sound like something else entirely.


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