Janet Jackson

The world and the FCC both remember the last time Janet Jackson — Miss Jackson if you're nasty — performed at Reliant Stadium. It was Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 and she was part of the halftime festivities with Justin Timberlake when Timberlake ripped off part of her outfit to expose her bare, nipple-ringed breast. This time, at Jackson's first-ever RodeoHouston appearance, we can only assume the show will be a tad tamer given the genteel surroundings. On this "Number Ones: Up Close and Personal" tour, Jackson is performing the greatest songs from her 30-year solo career; everything from "Rhythm Nation" and "Control" to "Again" and "All For You" seems to be covered on preliminary set lists. Expect a tribute to departed brother Michael somewhere during her hour on the rotating Reliant stage as well.


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