Jason Allen

Domesticity is at the heart of Jason Allen's new CD, Lovin' You, from boasting about being the "No. 1 diaper daddy" in "Bouncin' Babies" to admiring a woman out on the town on radio-country rocker "She's Going Out Tonight" and pining for the altar on the old-school two-step "Mudflap Girl." Produced by Allen and Houston's Davin James, the disc steers the New Braunfels honky-tonker from affable and aw-schucks in idyllic dogs-and-kids opener "Sittin' in the Shade" to bashful and shy on Tex-Mex-inflected "Just Let Me Prove It to You" and boogieing out the door on "Goin' Fishin' Today." A tear might dot Allen's eye thinking of his unborn child on "Just Looking in Your Eyes," but his grin stretches all the way to December on "I'll Miss You This Christmas." Is it time to start writing to Santa already?


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