Jason Cassidy

Recently Peter Cooper of The Tennessean took Nashville's male chart-toppers to task for the late outbreak of "party in the woods" songs — which he rightly called disingenuous because their suburban upbringings suggest their preferred venue for throwing down with their brahs was most likely a Sonic parking lot. Furthermore, he wrote, "you know darn well the three people who wrote the song in a metropolitan Nashville office absolutely, for sure, did not attend" these parties. Jason Cassidy hasn't quite shown up on Nashville's radar yet, but if he does he ought to be immune to Cooper's criticism. Not only does he write his own songs, he's actually from the woods — Montgomery, to be exact. Cassidy has done his share of partying as well, but is walking the straight and narrow as he prepares to release My Redemption, his debut on Deer Park's brand-new A-Blake Records. The George Strait diehard sticks closely to the themes of drinkin', lovin' and losin' on the fiddle-heavy album; single "Honky Tonk Heaven" shows he's done his homework and is currently climbing the Texas Music charts. Besides releasing the album (due August 20), Cassidy is also about to get married, so while he may continue to write songs like "Ride of Your Life" — "find a hot girl and a cold beer, and back road where we can disappear" — it's probably advisable that he be careful not to live them... too much.


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