For a guy in an '80s cover band, Jason Ward's sounds run eclectic.
For a guy in an '80s cover band, Jason Ward's sounds run eclectic.
Courtesy Jason Ward

Jason Ward's Matagorda Island Discs

This week's installment comes from Jason "J-Thunder" Ward, current bassist for '80s cover act the Lost Boys.

"I keep seeing this," he writes, "so I figured I'd throw a list out and see if anyone else wants to pick on me for it."

Despite his musical endeavors, Ward's list ranges from the Duran Duran you'd expect to classic rock to video game and film soundtracks to not one but two New Age albums. Take it away, Jason!


Jason J-Thunder Ward

1) KISS: ALIVE! — Loud, basic, rock and roll. KISS may take a lot of grief over their image and commercial-to-the-point-of-psychosis merchandising, but the songs are classics.

2) Iron Maiden: Dance Of Death — For some reason, I like this one better than the so-called "classic" era. The title track and "Wildest Dreams" stand up with anything off the Powerslave album.

3) Duran Duran: Seven and the Ragged Tiger — I play '80s, what did you expect?

4) David Arkenstone: Quest of the Dream Warrior — I get a kick out of the New Age section, and this guy can bring the goods. I bought it on a whim one night and quickly amassed every other recording I could find.

5) Various Artists: Final Fantasy X (soundtrack) — Yes, it's music from a video game, but it's good music from a video game. And the track titled "Otherworld" is as fine a piece of metal as anything Pantera ever did.

6)The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack — I'm big on larger-than-life imagery, and John Williams is a god when it comes to movie music.

7) The Smithereens: Blow Up — I didn't discover these guys till long past their prime, but the songs are still as catchy as ever.

8) Eden's Avatar: Mosaic — Some New Agey stuff from a local boy. Good for just zoning out.

9) The Doors: Waiting for the Sun — It's a tough choice between this and the rest of the catalog, but "Not to Touch the Earth" and "My Wild Love" push it out in front.

10) Icehouse: Man Of Colours — I got a copy of this from our keyboard player and heard song after song I wish I'd written. Just amazing stuff.


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