J.D. Herman's Matagorda Island Discs

In this week's installment of Matagorda Island Discs, we have a little twist. J.D. Herman, former guitarist/frontman for punk-y trio Hayflick Limit and currently in the same role in new band the Castabouts, presents us not with the music he would take to Matagorda Island, but the music he did take to Matagorda Island. The kayaker/fisherman recently camped down there, and he says that the music below is what his iPod registers him having played the most on the island "to drown out the coyotes and the buzz of the skeeters."

1) Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros: Global A Go-Go

2) Townes Van Zandt: Live at the Old ­Quarter

3) Joe Purdy: You Can Tell Georgia

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4) X: Under The Big Black Sun

5) Bob Marley: Exodus

6) The Jam: Sound Affects

7) Buddy Holly: Best Of

8) Andrew Bird: Armchair Apocrypha

9) Billy Bragg: Workers Playtime

10) Van Morrison: Moondance

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