Joe, Chico DeBarge

According to House of Blues's Web site, the official title of this show is the "Road to Essence Festival Featuring Joe w/Special Guest Chico DeBarge." Presumably, that means if you're one of the fortunate Houstonians who can afford to make a pilgrimage to New Orleans's legendary black-music festival — celebrating its 15th anniversary this year — these two men will be giving you a local warm-up. However, oddly enough, don't expect to actually see either Joe or DeBarge performing at the three-day extravaganza whose packed bill includes Beyoncé, Al Green, Maxwell and a reunited En Vogue. It appears these chrome-domed singers instead had to take their sets on the road to remind folks the fest is right around the corner. But it's very likely the ladies attending this show won't give a damn about the fest. They'll just be glad these two bald-headed brothas have come to town with the intent of making them feel all tingly.


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