Joe Jonas

The good news about Joe Jonas's solo career, away from that little project with his brothers (about whom you may have heard a bit), is that now the world has another Robin Thicke to contend with, although Brother Joe doesn't sing about eating your panties off. Yet. Of course, with a Jonas production, there comes the inherent crush of female attention — nay, pandemonium — no matter what the product sounds like. With 2.6 million Twitter followers, it's far-fetched to think that even a tepid solo outing won't push more than a few units. So far Jonas's new album, October's upcoming LP Fastlife, has been telegraphed with two singles, "See No More" and "Just in Love," both swoon-ready for the masses. The 22-year-old Jonas is smartly growing with his audience, who are just now finally getting around to kissing actual boys at parties where there are, like, no adults and stuff.

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