Joel Gilbert/Mickey Jones

If Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home left you jonesing for more footage of Bob Dylan's historic 1966 tour, you're still gonna have to wait for your fix. The Home Movies comes courtesy of Mickey Jones, a drummer who's slapped the skins for the likes of Trini Lopez, Johnny Rivers and Kenny Rogers (but who's sadly most recognizable as the big, blond, bearded construction worker from TV's Home Improvement). Jones took his 8mm camera on tour with Dylan during the troubadour's first electric performances -- it's a decent enough premise for a documentary, but the footage is so lame it makes you wish there were at least a few scenes with crotch-kicking and Bob Saget voice-overs. You see a beach in Hawaii, an airplane wing over Australia, a beer sign in Denmark, a chapel in Scotland, a castle in England and countless, countless hotels. The scant concert footage is blurry and dubbed over with a Dylan cover band -- apparently the rights to the originals cost too much -- and you hardly see much of the singer himself. He just occasionally pops up without warning, no doubt like he does in Jones's daily conversations about the good ol' days.


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